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Reduce packer breakdown
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At the beginning of this year, when the be appreciative in short fine guides survey innovation works how to be driven further, heard partial comrade " complaint " , think latent capacity has been dug. On the foundation of in-depth survey, the center leads on-the-job generation to be able to go up to analyse the problem that exists on the thought together with representing, point out covet " easy and comfortable " and " latent capacity is dug " it is the biggest obstacle, want short fine center develops further, must resolve the obstacle that exists on the thought. Begin to attend to post worker from assistant director then " have latent capacity after all " discuss to be pushed in the center, be appreciative guides connection dot and worker undertake discussing jointly in. Data is the most convincing. During discussing, the center announces case of every day production specific power consumption get online, each device uses daily data to undertake dogging, be opposite actively with can equipment especially scanty water implement examination, as soon as possible discovers hidden danger, reduced the waste of the sources of energy, but partial plant takes this seriously insufficient, site of development of central office staff helps guidance. Carry the influence of exert a subtle influence on, the worker's idea had change. Packer is central key equipment, only high capacity unit is average in the past every line has every months 58 times bale breakdown jockeys, include equipment administrator inside the worker feels very bemused. The focal point that drops packer breakdown to become a center to take the lead tackles key problem project, those who pass half an year tackle key problem, the breakdown of packer drops single-track every months 32, reduce 44.8% .

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