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Box uses packer
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Limited company of machinery of Tianjin city Hua Shuai pharmacy held water 1992, already had history of 16 years up to now. At the beginning of holding water, company major produces stainless steel appliance, begin research and development, production to package facility from 1998, obtained good result. At present the packing equipment of Hua Shuai company has: Strapping machine of film of series of machine of hot shrink packaging, three-dimensional packer series, model, seal box to hit a machine of an organic whole, box to wait with packer, all equipment of the company all achieved intelligence to change, automation production. In addition, the company still has all sorts of transportation equipment, and the product such as dial of car of dial of the fluctuation bottle machine with product line form a complete set, orbit, of all kinds sterilization, week.

Company from hold water case, insisting to always climb the spirit of enterprise of the height all the time. "Beg with benefit brilliant, seek progress in order to innovate, seek to live on with quality put " , in changeable market competition, the product of the company also is having active adjustment and expansion as the change of the market. Combinative company produces hot contractive film to pack the advantage of equipment, set out from client demand, the company that the company established to produce the film that pack technically a few days ago -- Tianjin Hua Shuai packs data limited company. Such, all sorts of packing material that the product of the company included to apply at the domain such as food, medicine and bag furnish have, can offer for the client thereby one-stop solution, make the service of the company more overall, integrated competition ability promotes further.

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