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Tall mesa is semi-automatic packer
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Equipment name: Tall mesa is semi-automatic packer
Equipment model: YSKG

Introduce in detail
This packer applies to all sorts of size goods bale, be like magazine of books and periodicals, paper box, of the article such as parcel post bundle up bales.

This packer is semi-automatic strapping machine, can finish automatically after inserting the belt that pack get together belt, heat closes, cut off, give the bundle up course of the belt, and can stop automatically machine. Improve a design to make afresh on the foundation of foreign prototype and become, scope of application is wide, no matter size is packed, need not adjust a machine to be able to bale this machine belongs to mechanical structure, the part uses entrance part, edge is stabilized after reliable, adjust convenient wait for a characteristic.

Technical parameter
Bale speed: 1.5sea/strap
The smallest bale content: 60mm
The greatest constrictive power: 60Kgs
The biggest bale content: Aleatoric
Bale PP takes width: 5mm-15mm
Supply power supply: 220V(50/60Hz)
Drive motor: 220V 220W
Packer bulk: 570 × of 890 × 730mm
Packer weight: 100Kg

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