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Farming factory of 49 round cotton ginning is opposite 3 division packer underta
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Assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting on September 24 report (Li Shuqin) recently, xinjiang production builds corps farming factory of 49 round cotton ginning makes 3 division greatly energy-saving fall bad news technology innovates. In the factory director guide below, organize workshop technology key member, draw on the wisdom of the masses, to Pi Qing machine, packer undertakes debugging, cotton machines lint percentage of impurity to drop apparently, upgrade for lint had laid a foundation. For managing charge of electricity, eliminate what to need time according to mechanical failure, whether to stop machine overhaul certainly, because operate the insecure element that cause and loss of needless charge of electricity,avoided, classics statistic machines lint ton bad news report drops somewhat; Workshop worker makes managing cost from everyday minor matter, after waiting for what can use to clear, leather belt, fittings reserves, can repair do not change new. The wrapping cloth of the workshop, material already also had government of person specially assigned for a task, stopped program the silk, needless waste that includes cloth.

Current, day of cotton ginning factory purchases seed cotton more than tons 500, day machines lint more than tons 30, each cost, loss is less than in former years apparently. Besides, the factory gets conduction band head to do the managing cost, watch commander in chief that reduces loss, from managing a piece of paper, for a time report, the bagatelle proceed with such as a screw reduces the production expenses expenses of factory happening.

The statistical collect of each cost that passes pair of near futures, charge, show abridged edition of cotton ginning factory falls bad news measure obtained good yield results. For this, the works falls to abridged edition the workshop team and group with prominent bad news undertook praising.

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