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Go river daily (Hu Yu of Qin Chun of reporter Zheng Meifeng's reporter) yesterday, the reporter goes in old new garrison post forest estate company sees, the high polymer door of new production and door of the lacquer that bake are delicate and beautiful, come round to order goods and carry the person of goods in an endless stream. This company controller introduces: Since building go into operation this year in June, beneficial result is favorable, still solved this locality the obtain employment of 30 much people, annual produce can cross ten million yuan, profit tax can amount to 2 million yuan.

As we have learned, old new garrison post shares dimensions above business 6, this year yuan reach 141.8 million yuan to realized present price gross value of industrial output in September. Form the industrial group that waits for industry characteristic with lumber treatment, produce treatment, spin, dress, building materials.

This town produces geographical, industry and characteristic advantage adequately, grab the opportunity that seizes move of international country industry, do well the project is introduced. The beginning of the year, they introduce 5 partner such as You Xincheng of inspect benefit boss, to constant the course of study that send cotton undertook asset recombines, investment transforms extend 52 million yuan, xinshangyi is covered " 400 tons " model packer, build workshop, storehouse and office building. Take in and send out in large quantities this locality reachs circumjacent cotton, let cotton of farmer order establish, still solve obtain employment of 200 much people, annual produce passes 100 million. Strong abundant weaving, old new weaving cotton cloth, sunshine weaving 3 medical what material factory produces is medical gauze, demand exceeds supply.

To enlarge company production, town appoint, town government and each village sign responsibility form, make sure the enterprise is hired reach the designated position, realize full load production. Inferior benefit dress is to should press down an extroversion enterprise, the product is exported entirely, the employee that its enrol newly is undertaken grooming by the branch such as town work, civil administration. Duty Wu, industrial and commercial wait for a branch to offer in a limited time service, innovation service, optimized this to press down capital attraction environment greatly.

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