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Packer transforms the job
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In September 18, 19 days, province hair changes appoint, fine check place spins Hua Chengmian line of business of town of factory, big abundant to the big abundant air current of the our city Feng Cheng cotton ginning of city of limited company, big abundant pares cloth with soft nap limited company, east industry of foreign cotton of stage the Tang Dynasty group of double hill of limited company, Jiangsu. This acceptable it is the our city includes a country pily treatment industry produced updating equipment to transform those who check and accept a plan 2008 among them 5, check and accept the group is right each are relevant of the enterprise transformed the job to offer sufficient affirmation. The company that the our city includes what the country transforms a plan shares 56, 56% what occupy complete province to transform a plan, current, already finished the company that transforms a plan to have 36, occupy whole town to transform a plan 64% .

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