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Semi-automatic packer
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Boat Beijing maintains a ministry to establish time not to grow east, belong to a young unit, a lot of infrastructure are not quite complete still. Be aimed at existing work requirement, production assists a ministry to reform thinking in management, bold innovation. In the pre-construction job that guarantees in the Olympic Games, production assists a ministry to combine material of the boat outside field advocate the circumstance with further distance of a gleam of of production of warehouse space maintenance, bought motor-car of a report, make material of the boat outside field can be in send machine level ground the entry for a short while, big political integrity made an appointment with material of boat of field inside and outside to deserve to send time. The revolution in guaranteeing boat capable person as the Olympic Games measures increased situation, production assisted a ministry to deploy forklift and semi-automatic packer in time to wait through application again, make pack and carry of boat material can ask to carry out by the standard. Production assists a ministry to use the advantage condition that boat material small storehouse creates inside machine level ground, deposited over commonly used use up 60 multinomial with each type hub of machine annulus, brake. The member that production assists watch of ministry tool room strengthened the go on a tour of inspection to spot equipment to safeguard during the Olympic Games, seasonable compensatory Dong Hang is in capital airport round of archives of seat number of each be assigned personal responsibility for and awl bucket, ensure all ground facilities is in in good condition and usable condition. In the meantime, production assists a ministry to be below the harmonious help of Dong Hang headquarters, strengthened the connection cooperation of unit of as other as capital airport maintenance further, execute mutual the resource such as the boat material between, tool, equipment is shared, laid solid foundation effectively for Olympic Games service.

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