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Improve the work efficiency of packer
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Large unit of Xinjiang production construction handled official bussiness via the commander in May 1996 conference approval: Invest 30 million yuan, project approving is carried out " army aircraft collects cotton to introduce test demonstrative project " , the project is carried out period for 1996 ~ 2000, set out from the angle of systematic project, affirmatory project implements plan: From suit machine collected pily breed seed selection arrives machine the cotton that pick cotton cultivates the mode, field management, chemical accelerate the ripening that take off a leaf, cotton picker homebred change design, new-style cotton picker to introduce experiment, machine to collect cotton to clear the link such as standard of quality of equipment of treatment craft, form a complete set, lint begins experiment research in the round, the system studies cotton harvests mechanization problem. The machine that still held water to head with corps moustache deputy commander collects cotton test project to lead group, project to the office and 3 professional technologies are carried out and study a group. Pass hard at the same time, make the project financing that just raises money each reachs the designated position by the plan in succession, made sure the project spreads out in order normally. The executive cent of this project is finished 5 years, introduced 6 cotton picker early or late in test division above all (the United States Dill 9965 model 1, 9970 model 3; Keyes 2555 model cotton picker of 2 self-propelled the five elements) have field test; It is to carry trade of former state classics next appoint with mechanical ministry project approving, the 4MZ that produces by factory of Xinjiang combine harvester, 3 model self-propelled cotton picker and 4MZ, 2 model bear type cotton picker each 1, in the project test division undertook machine adopt a test; It is again the United States built in 8 groups the hour treating capacity of form a complete set of company cleaning equipment and homebred cotton gin, packer is Lamusi the machine of 10 tons of seed cotton collects cotton processing factory; To get used to cotton picker adopt the standard of per unit area yield that controls row spacing to be booked in order to assure, come 5 years, undertook all sorts of cultivating the experiment of means, change made drill, research exploration went out (68 8) Cm or (66 10) Cm is banding triangular individual plant configures means all right; Proved recipe face tries in the accelerate the ripening that take off a leaf, did a variety of drug to deserve to compare the comparative test that uses time with gush, obtained the result with deciduous leaf better accelerate the ripening; Accumulative total machinery is collected control an area 30000 mus, in breed seed selection, help advance somebody's career administrative pattern; The recipe that take off a leaf and many sided had relevant test; Will machine collect cotton to send national authority to special orgnaization detects and send textile mills to undertake trying spinning, affirmed machinery collects the verdict that receives cotton to do not have apparent effect to cotton fiber character further, cotton has better consistency; For machine those who adopt lint standard make did fundamental sex to work, arose machine standard of the industry that pick cotton.

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