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Shanxi carry city already was purchased large packer reachs auxiliary equipment

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In administration of loan of new cotton year, place of base oneself upon of subsidiary bank of city of Shanxi province carry's special situation is amiable Hou condition, serious summary past years comes the experience in pily loan administration, review the problem of existence and inadequacy deeply, start work ahead of schedule, active and active each preparation before doing new cotton to loan manages and extend works.

Before cotton is bought this year, large family undertakes kind of cotton that this organization personnel purchases the market, spin market, cotton to machine enterprise and place to cotton seek investigation. Whole town cotton cultivates an area to amount to 1.22 million mus, predict mu of crop to make an appointment with 220 kilograms of seed cotton, press computation of 35% ginning outturn, mu produce lint 155 jins, total output will achieve 1.88 million, by 40% buy a quantity to forecast, this year predict to buy a quantity to will achieve 750 thousand. To this, this plan relatively on year increase the loan of 10% to put in a quantity, prepare 500 million yuan or so to put in cotton to buy loan.

Maintain in loan qualification on, carry city subsidiary bank holds to " 3 preferential, 3 from severe " principle, union " early form 0, early maintain, late knot 0, delay is maintained, do not written guarantee 0, do not maintain " requirement, accomplish maturity, report, approve, father to close loan admittance, be on guard from fountainhead risk of credit capital fund. In the meantime, the cotton this year was announced to buy business loan qualification to maintain a condition on media of local mainstream news, the company that lets accord with a condition cooperates actively farming issue do good loan qualification to hold the job, guide cotton grower to arrive farming the cotton of enterprise carry out that issues support. Current, already should be in all right " carry wall daily paper " announcement first 9 companies list that obtains cotton to buy loan qualification. To according with conditional enterprise, should continue to had been done soon appear in the newspaper, maintain and announcement works.

To ensure credit fund safety, will buy loan to be executed entirely to cotton this this year assure loan means, include impawn to assure, guaranty assures and assure to assure. Execute tripartite to superintend entirely to enterprise of pily purchase and sale, company of deep to industrialization bibcock enterprise and cotton treatment can take mortgage, assure to assure loan means. Be in the enterprise of AA class above to credit grade, should touch in all asset after touching, the forehead spends skimpy share to execute tripartite to superintend. In the meantime, continue to implement policy of loan upper limit, enterprise of pily purchase and sale 3 times according to company net assets, what company of deep treatment of industrialization bibcock enterprise and cotton masters in the enterprise is integrated the forehead that give a letter is spent inside, carry out loan strictly to support price cordon level.

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