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ELIDA packaging Equipment Co Ltd ELIDA packer sampling failed
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Quality and Technical Supervision of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province recently informed of packaging machinery in 2010 to regularly monitor the quality of test results, Jinliang Cheng products of inferior quality. The total test in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and other cities 93 8 production of packaging machinery products were 99 batches 80 batches of inspection, product sampling batch pass rate of 80.8%. Failed mainly for: electrical safety (18 batches), dangerous parts of the protection (6 batches). Easily lead to electrical safety in the insulation short-circuit failure occurs when the cord caught fire equipment and even cause fires burning. Failure of the main reasons: First, the lack of some enterprises of the electrical equipment caused by over-current protection devices lack understanding of the seriousness; Secondly, some enterprises in order to reduce costs, cut corners. Risk of failure prone parts of the protection through the equipment operator or personnel were involved in high-speed rotation of the moving parts and dangerous. Some companies failed mainly due to insufficient awareness of security risks. Packaging Machinery Selection Guide Packaging business needs first to determine the product's features, quality and technology, special requirements, prices and other information, so that custom packaging machinery manufacturers to obtain the development, design accurate information. Be completely smooth information exchange and understanding of the appropriate Common specifications, in order to save time and costs. Choice to consider when purchasing high-profile packaging machinery brand, because of its design, manufacturing and other aspects of the strength is relatively good, customer-oriented, product quality, strong sense of service. Second, we must check whether the authority of the department's compliance test report. Good business standards to understand better the packaging machinery, products meet standard requirements, stand the test; third view technical documents, such as instructions, qualified Certificate, packing list, etc., in general, attention to the technical data of enterprises, product quality is relatively more emphasis.

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