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Loan of packer innovation farmer manages mode record slightly
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In recent years, manage system innovation basically to get used to round field, agriculture of worker of round field of big thrust travel is small loan business, corps branch is in the Agriculture Bank to be on guard effectively on the foundation of the risk, the early days investigation that through shifting to an earlier date hand farmer borrows money is examined, credit assess, data is arranged and the job is typed on the net, will complex credit technological process centers interior to run ahead of schedule, what make farmer clear experience an Agriculture Bank thereby is small credit is " the urgent, place that consider considers urgent place packer " .

In recent years, packer should put round field on every year the worker all right small loan is controlled 1.5 billion yuan, came true not to have brushstroke not only bad loan, and the problem that solved agriculture to produce capital to be in short supply for worker of 80 thousand Yu Mingcheng bag. Up to by this year July, this each loan increases 19. 7.6 billion yuan, increment is ranked in orgnaization of whole area banking the 2nd, among them money of experience agriculture loans is occupied than amounting to 80 % .

Innovation mode: Provide the financing medium of communication of diversity

In recent years, packer corps accelerated round field to run the pace that system reforms, large area carries out land to be secured for a long time contract, manufacturing data charge provides for oneself wait for policy, encourage round field worker to expand production quickly. To solve farmer capital requirement, reduce the risk that round field assures at the same time, branch of Agriculture Bank corps was rolled out " 3 couplet are protected add honor the agreement assure, 5 couplet are protected " wait for a variety of loan mode. In the meantime, innovation develops " couplet is protected door " loan, worker of the field that it is a group solved manufacturing capital problem to provide the financing medium of communication of diversity. At the beginning of this year, the Shi He that this branch administer belongs to child subbranch of a bank of state of branch, Yi Li adopts concentration to run way, constituent client manages professional group day and night to fight bravely, collect arrange couplet to keep a loan data, put in smoothly 4. 800 million yuan of farmer borrow money, ensured farmer spring ploughing produces capital requirement, the market that farmer borrows money retains rate achieved 99 % .

Canaliculus of essence of life manages: The advisability that the risk is on guard chooses

Packer because " couplet is protected door " loan door counts much, area to disperse, according to active credit system and flow, the government after sheet relies on site client manager to cannot be over meticulously to the early days that didymous farmer borrows money is investigated and be borrowed works. Branch of Agriculture Bank corps decides the angle from elaborate government, in be on guard below the premise of the risk, bring positive factor into play, improve sale efficiency. This branch combed active farmer loan technological process afresh, according to credit new regulation, to loan the data that make type undertakes conformity is mixed simplify, reduce investigation statistic, data to collect wait for workload; Establish group of professional client director, for unit concentrated force with round field the quantity undertakes early days investigates the work, define the farmer scope that supports mainly; With corps each division establishs farmer to borrow money jointly two class assist borrow an organization, enhance ability of collaboration of silver-colored look forward to, execute examine and approve centrally for the unit with round field or company, rise examine and approve efficiency; Begin credit to connect jointly with round field, the selection activity that believes an user, connect to credit, door execute " preferential do borrow, interest rate privilege, company is rewarded " incentive measure, make " honest be as good as one's word, harmony helps each other " exterior credence environment. This year, only subbranch of a bank of large unit of Yi Li state is connected for 33 credence, 1166 letter user puts loan on 42 million yuan, 42 what take loan of entire peasant household. 8 % packer.
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