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Buy packer to be less than in January tire early or late responsibility of dissi
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Mou Yonghu of farmer of Gansu Province Wu Wei borrows money 20 thousand multivariate in Chinese in tool works bought city puissant packer a packer, but used be less than 20 days, 4 tire of packer early or late dissilient, and manufacturer home controller shifted responsibility Shandong however some tire produces manufacturer.
Division of cool state of city of Gansu Province Wu Wei thanks a river to press down villager Mou Yonghu to was mirrorred to our newspaper recently, last year in July, his loan bales 25 thousand yuan in Han Zhongjiang force the machinery plant bought a packer, preparative in order to machines local plant straw and wheat straw, seek a way that become rich for oneself. Packer arrives, he employed 6 workers begin to work, have 600 multivariate income everyday. When just when he prepares,working energetically one time, two tire that just enabled packer of many days 10 early or late dissilient, boiler encircles the damage that also has different rate.
Look at the villager people the like hill wheat straw that piles up in the home, mou Yonghu is extremely worried, had negotiation with manufacturer home instantly, manufacturer sent 600 yuan of ready money very quickly to him, want him to buy tire to change in place. But do not have a few days additionally two tire in succession dissilient. After this, he returned 4 useless tire Han Zhongjiang force to bale entirely machinery plant, the requirement undertakes changing, but do not have a message up to now. Mou Yonghu tells a reporter furiously: "What packer installs is retreaded tyre absolutely, if be normal manufacturer,manufacturing tire won't rot for years, the machine that I buy child it is new, how can tire explode? How can tire explode??

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter was interviewed Chinese in city puissant packer fetterses factory controller. This factory manages literature of factory director car to express, they are the old plants that produce packer weapon, already had 20 old production histories. The condition that Mou Yonghu reflects exists really, but their technology without manufacturing tire and ability, tire is Shandong Heng Feng is rubber-plastic the product of limited company, assemble again in the factory. Tire gave an issue, this responsibility should produce manufacturer to lose by tire.


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