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Full automatic packer maintains note
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Of the machine maintain with lubricant and best can do regularly. Notice those who maintain a machine is dry above all, cannot let it get wet in the rain, or above the thing that sets branch having water.

Want to do good the following next:

1, one on Monday second the belt inside the machine bits or spoil keep clear of

2, a month will go up slide and in the cleanness that the knife carries on the head before the knife is reached maintains lubricate

3, one on Monday second in place oh cam surface and on place of core of extension join axis adds a proper lubricating oil

4, complement every year the engine oil inside decelerate machine gear case

5, must notice a few spare partses cannot cheer: Send retreat take gyro wheel, all leather belt, hit blade to reach all round, electromagnetism clutch

6, when be being cheered every time, do not add too much, lest because micro-gap switch is oiled malfunction.

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