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Common breakdown phenomenon reachs packer remove measure
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(Electric machinery of 1) oil pump changes direction have by accident.

(Y1 of 2) overflow a powerful person, core of 10B a powerful person gets stuck dead.

(22E2 of a powerful person of electromagnetism of 3) discharge carry on one's shoulder, card of core of B4B a powerful person absolutelies refuse to movement.

(Capacity of oil of 4) hydraulic pressure is too little, oil pump is not sucked on oily.

(5) pressure expresses attaint.

Leaf of wind of electric machinery of look down at should arrange hour hand to rotate, if invert, should commutation of power supply cord.

Examination, repair a powerful person.

Examination, repair a powerful person.

Add oil of enough hydraulic pressure by use regulation.

Repair or change.

2, belt of don't bother to see me out

(1) a powerful person of magnetism of 3 4 electrify not inverting (Y1 light is not bright) .

(2) door switch not restoration (Y1 light is not bright) .

The A, block that accumulate ash moves staff, not agile.

Switch of B, door twists reed fatigue deformability or break.

C, move staff fatigue fracture.

(Core of a powerful person of magnetism of 3 4 electrify blocks 3) dead, not inverting (Y1 light is bright) .

(4) plastic belt is being taken dish or other part is ticked off send belt annulus to pull do not use a tape.

(Change of 5) belt front falls into moving cutting tool (oriented board synchronous not mix up, with cutting tool collision affects his to return a rate, block cutting tool even) .

(6) has below moving cutting tool take bits or foreign matter and do not answer reach the designated position, hold off mouth of fixed cutting tool, make send take suffocate suffocate.

Check Y1 relevant circuit, repair.

Inspection door switch.

Cleared dirt.

Change bedspring.

Change move staff.

Examination, repair a powerful person.

The examination is taken dish, wear afresh belt.

Readjust throttle L1, detailed sees the 5th 3.

The dot is moved rise a moving cutting tool, the belt below cleared moving cutting tool bits or eyewinker.

3, send belt do not reach the designated position (plastic belt did not send bear pressing plate falls and touch door switch)

(1) store belt plastic belt stores inside the box too much or the quantity is too little (reserve much belt is out of shape serious, reserve sends too less take suffocate suffocate) .

(2) brings voluminous chaos, send the muscularity that take block

(3) plastic bandwidth is spent slant big.

(4) plastic belt is worn instead (curly direction should face towards orbit inside face) , send the muscularity that take block.
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