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Drive hang packer worker to be pressed dead
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In Nanhai area sea one rubbish reclaims at the back of market of iron and steel of the laurel austral 8 northern part dot, produce malign traffic cause trouble one case deadly accident: One comes round to buy the freight car of rubbish, because price issue business was not concluded, driver life hurry through one's work leaves, the result is hanged on electrical wiring, bind the machine of telegraph pole along with on hydraulic pressure packer one case leave it at that, one is being pressed dead in the male worker of start working. The driver drives escape. At present police already got involved investigation.
After the reporter receives a newspaper to expect hurry to the spot quickly. Accident scene stack paper skin, scrap iron, old oilcan, there still is the house that two woods canopy builds on the side. Packer of a hydraulic pressure falls on the ground, pinned a man, 45 men and womens cry posse, surround the man that is approached to try rescue he. 15 minutes or so, police and ambulance come to the spot, after cure protects personnel to check, confirm the man already died.
Reporter discovery, hydraulic pressure packer is 3 meters two tall, about two meters wide, there is with iron line on the side tall the 45 telegraph pole of rice, 4 electrical wiring are directly on another telegraph pole, hang down along with the telegraph pole that fall down directly hang on the ground. There is a pound to say before wooden house, there is the kettle of old oily iron that folds planish above. Go up with sofa on the bed in wooden house lying one male one female. Say according to the worker, those who lie inside is boss He Shanchun and his wife, the dead is their uncle, hunan person, 50 come year old, call He Aideng.
Reclaim according to this rubbish bit of worker Introduction He Shanhua, in the morning 9 when make, the blue freight car that 3 men are driving license plate of an A that hang another name for Guangdong Province comes here to ask to buy old peanut oil iron canister, after negotiating good price, the boss says the go off with of the one canister that fold iron that has pressed too, 3 men say iron canister is too dirty suddenly should reduce the price, the boss does not agree, say not to sell them. They appear very angry, get on a car immediately, after starting, back a car quickly, rush forth quickly later. Did not think of the goods shelves at the back of the car is too tall, hanged electrical wiring, electrical wiring of as it happens another telegraph pole is to bind what go up in hydraulic pressure packer. Van rushs to hang telegraph pole quickly, the hydraulic pressure packer that binds telegraph pole repeatedly also gives leave it at that. Why does the man that operating before hydraulic pressure packer at that time love lamp dodge not as good as, be pressed below by hydraulic pressure packer.
See overwhelm person, van resembling became mad leave more quickly euqally, see the person bumps, frighten the worker dare not bar. Boss He Shanchun overtook a car to mount door, but the man that is gotten on by the car was pushed. Him He Shanhua also was chased after mounted car end, also be kicked to come down by on the car another man, then the man on the car held off 3 plate number with paper skin again.
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