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Chromatic carton is packed
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Color packs carton industry () of box of colour of the following abbreviation, it is to be food, beverage, wine kind, tea is tasted, cigarette, medicine, health care is tasted, a when industry and the product such as cosmetic, small home appliance, dress, toy, sporting goods, electron pack form a complete set indispensable industry.

In recent years, as the rapid growth of our country economy, for the colour box industry of afore-mentioned industries and product form a complete set, also have rapidder development accordingly subsequently, sale of colour box industry was compared 2006 go up year of growth 18% .

Group of Hua Yinchuan intermediary engineers " boom of industry of box of 2006 China colour investigates an analysis " in material, right in last few years development of colour box industry still holds upbeat mood.

Investigation data makes clear, the product that use colour box packages: The company that has 18% chooses bid of cigarette case, smoke; The enterprise of 46% chooses wine box, food case; The enterprise of 48% chooses medical case, health care to taste a box; The enterprise of 25% chooses cosmetic case; The enterprise of 39% chooses small home appliance and electronic product case; The enterprise of 16% chooses to pack a box for other product.

This questionnaire investigation is to have representative, also be to accord with current development actual, accordingly, it has higher referenced value.

Findings, to colour box industry development foreground is valued, its reason reduce:

1. The rapid development of Chinese economy. In " 915 " the getaway that develops a program leaves of the bureau year, china machines manufacturing industry bulkily, will offer tremendous development opportunity to the print that pack;

2. Light industrial electronic product is like cigarette, wine kind, the product class such as food, medicine, small home appliance, cosmetic rises ceaselessly, the portion of the market is larger and larger, need elegant color to pack;

3. Presswork of engineering technology rise ceaselessly, also ask level of the technology that pack rises accordingly;

4. Rise as people material standard of living, aesthetic consciousness increases, people more and more paying attention to pack;

5. Client to raise the value of oneself product and additional cost, also ask the promotion of outer packing level.

Colour box will pack industry development to show the following trend henceforth:

1. Colour box packs industry development to want to hold to circular economy and the demand that can expand continuously;

2. Advocate box of colour of small rows of tiles on a roof to pack energetically;

3. Colour box is packed more applicable, more portable;

4, the need that wants the contented product that pack already, should refuse again excessive pack;

5. Development prevents bogus to pack no time to delay;
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