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The function of the plastic film that pack changes development the trend is clea
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Block appears a gender to check the gas that basically is material to pass through what gender, vapor passes through a gender to detect, detect with what at cutting off the gender checks equipment basically has the instrument of permeability instrument, fully wet sex, appearance that appear oxygen to wait. Since entering 21 centuries, homebred instrument is broken cut off before the gender detects the circumstance that equipment counts an import, lan Guang of manufacturing business Jinan one branch alone beautiful, throw force of research and development ceaselessly, make cut off the gender checks an instrument with relatively high speed growth becomes a possibility. With Lan Guang of own property right cut off the test is exemple, breathe freely the method covers the method that press difference, etc control a standard, fully wet have already say serious way has electrolysis to be able to satisfy domestic and international standard again, put in to the market gradually specialization, price of seriation, sex compares tall instrument.

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