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Heal type packer
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If not be place of saw with one's own eyes,see, everybody dare believe, small courtyard of a farmhouse can be unexpectedly 3 kinds " milk powder of famous brand beans " absurd virgin soil. Recently, county of water of Linyi city short for the Yihe River pledges inspect bureau is informed against according to masses, with one action uncovers case of milk powder of beans of sham famous brand one case, hunt down sham " Hei Niu " , " Wei Wei " , " elegant Fu " false beans of 3 kinds of famous brand suckles, better to arriving since food market order mid-autumn purify action.

On August 31 morning, masses is informed against to phone of bureau of county of water of short for the Yihe River, somebody of village of place of business of countryside of commendation home lake Home Feng is engaged in making the activity of false beans milk powder. After this bureau is informed this one circumstance, launch investigation instantly. Arrive when qualitative inspect personnel after informing against a place, discover the place is rent civilian curtilage, inside although have personnel activity sign, but gate however from beginning to end lock. Execute the law personnel knocks the requirement enters an examination to did not see somebody is responded to for many times. Face this one antagonism to execute the law the behavior of the examination, this bureau executes the law personnel contacted local police station to assist an examination. Via checking discovery, this civilian curtilage inside the personnel that products of a large number of false beans milk powder and number name are engaged in false beans milk powder packing.

After microscope of qualitative inspect personnel, discovery is had by sham fabaceous milk powder " Hei Niu " , " Wei Wei " and " elegant Fu " 3 brands, gross has more than 100 case, and the device that is used at production has a sealing machine and packer only however. The spot still hunted down a large number of using <> as the milk powder of the small ancient stemmed cup or bowl that pack of raw material, and the label that there is grandma of beans of sham famous brand above these inner packing bag, follow to be tasted really almost exactly like. Qualitative inspect personnel hunted down a batch to be used at the outer packing bag that pack and paper box at the same time. But the owner that regretful is constituent production has sniffed wind and escape, do not know whereaboutldirection.

According to be engaged in a few salary earner introductions of production, they are the arrangement according to owner only, the milk powder of anonym card beans that installs all sorts of packet is put pack the heal inside bag greatly and case, as to the origin of raw material and whereaboutldirection, they an utterly ignorant. This bureau executes the law personnel risked the equipment such as finished product of milk powder of famous brand beans, raw material and sealing machine to undertake closing down to the holiday lawfully, at present this case is being found out further in.
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