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Yaohandier 7760 model self-propelled selects cotton engine is the most advanced new generation on the world that by Dill the company rolled out 2007 selects cotton engine, realized machinery to harvest revolution of cotton truly, be in namely field collect cotton and airborne bale finish, can realize the field operation picking cotton that pauses ceaselessly continuously. The world lead position that its birth reflected Yaohandier to harvest mechanical technology to go up in cotton again.
7760 model self-propelled picked cotton machine to configure Yaohandier PowerTech Plus, capacity 13.5 litres, the cold 500 soup in turbine pressure boost, empty sky, derv engine that accords with TIER III to discharge a standard. Derv case volume 1136 litres, volume of case of clear lotion of the head that pick cotton 1363 litres, grease of the head that pick cotton case volume 303 litres, can fact is field now add a liquid to collect cotton to work 12 hours continuously above. The gear-box of ProDrive automatic shift gears, allow a driver advancing can implement smooth speed change by push button. 4 fast static fluid drive, gear of the first class is picked speed 0 to 6.76 kilometers / hour, gear of the 2nd class is blown pick speed 0 to 8.05 kilometers / hour, gear of the 3rd class carries rate 0 to 14.5 kilometers / hour, gear of the 4th class carries rate 0 to 27.4 kilometers / hour. Can configure Pro-16 (20 Pro-XL pick ingot) with Pro-12 VRS(18 platoon Pro-XL picks ingot) two kinds of picked heads, get used to a variety of cotton to sow the change of row spacing, the head that pick cotton maintains maintenance is convenient. The luxurious and comfortable cab that takes ClimaTrak system. Have Harvest Doc? Figure of scale cotton crop and discharge of seed cotton of canal is defeated by cotton monitor a function.
7760 model self-propelled picks cotton machine to be in field when picking cotton, when cotton box (9.1 stere) when keeping full cotton, the cotton of stockpile will be automatic in be being sent airborne circular packer, undertake squeezing ramming becomes circular a bale of cotton, be taken with balata and hit coating to have package, next a bale of cotton is played to go out bale storehouse, place a at the back of the machine platform that can reclaim to go up, wait for the machine that pick cotton to uninstall a bale of cotton to the ground again or uninstall carriage trailer to go up directly to ground edge. The forklift of CM1100 a bale of cotton of type of the buy before needing to deploy a tractor only and tractor tractive a bale of cotton carry a car. Decreased common when 6 machine that pick cotton pick cotton must the tractor of car of the carry cotton car of form a complete set, drawing carry cotton and cotton make a pile machine. Reduced equipment of requires form a complete set and manpower support, saved fuel to use up, improved picked exercise efficiency substantially.
The biggest diameter can amount to a bale of cotton 2.29 meters (the diameter is adjustable limits 0.91-2.29 rice) , width 2.43 meters. Compare with the photograph of a bale of cotton of other appearance, circular a bale of cotton improved the waterproof properties of wet, humidity of interior of a bale of cotton and density are even, better land protected pily fiber and pily seed. Circular a bale of cotton has the not easy damaged characteristic in resisting wind, carriage process, reduced the loss in process of seed cotton have a change of luck, and went to the lavatory greatly store.
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