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Prices of 2008 year cotton forecasts an analysis
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New pily year has begun, at present I had not seen the article that forecasts to the prices of this year, oneself also had written such article without this level, I just want to be opposite me a few appears possibly issues that involve pily aspect this year are forecasted, with wait for cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions.
One, import quota:
Already contented last year supply, a lot of quota had been not used now, the country can fulfil quota this year repartition, should meet those who satisfy requirement. In this respect estimation won't appear again the phenomenon of quota of buy in and sell at a profit.
2, close store:
Of 06 year close store everybody is OK still be enlightened, of 07 close store not only outback cotton business sentiment is very big, the pily industry that is Xinjiang also does not get this feeling, of 08 year close store method may resemble 06 year same, the price also should be being compared low when close store, oneself think to should be in 12700 yuan / ton when close store.
3, cast store:
07 year were not cast store, this method can use 08 year possibly, oneself predict to still can be used in the evening of year, the price may be used in 14200 moment.
4, RMB exchange rate:
What the RMB had risen last year to the exchange rate of the dollar is too much, though had not achieved the anticipation of old beauty, but because petrolic soares,old beauty also has bit of confused mind, the extent that estimation appreciates this year also is met very small. The RMB still can continue this year to the exchange rate of other and main money the stability last year.
5, taxation policy:
Policy of slippery standard tax has used old effect very good, there won't be big adjustment this year, estimation also is met only this year is fine tuning. Exit drawback had been adjusted last year, if predicting to if want,be adjusted this year, also can move 2 percent from dress only. The taxation that imports equipment may be adjusted, be helpful for our country finishing equipment to transform so, increase in the competition ability on the international market.
6, financial policy:
The country implemented the policy of constrictive money last year, increase reserve for many times, also used impose the measure of breath, at present inflation has had change apparently, oneself think at present economy has been entered depression and anabiosis period. But prevent inflation far did not end, capital insecurity remains the bottleneck that the company grows, relying on national give aid and support completely can be one's own wishful thinking only. Nevertheless this year will be to have have a pine closely, the company that the country can raise hold prospect with many capital will expand economy. country of experience farming respect continues to support with many capital " 3 farming " development.
7, plan of farming hair administration:
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