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Cotton of Hubei Han Chuan buys balance price 2.92, 2.95 yuan / jin
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Recently, hubei saves each cotton of Han Chuan city to buy treatment company to open a balance to purchase new cotton in succession, seed cotton buys the price to be 2.92, 2.95 yuan / jin. With bought circumstance photograph to compare last year, new this year cotton appears on the market time became late nearly 10 days, and rise in price 0.18, 0.2 yuan / jin.

According to statistic, hubei visits Han Chuan town cotton cultivates an area to amount to 295 thousand mus this year, predict 81.15 million kilograms to always produce seed cotton. As a result of place rain is more this year, time of sunshine of pily growth period is insufficient, pily character estimation drops somewhat. Current, the cotton that Han Chuan city has cotton to buy a qualification buys a company nearly 100, have 400 model the large packer business that processes equipment has 4, among them 3 enterprises already to farming issue offer loan application, farming issue subbranch of a bank of Han Chuan city to already declared the cotton of 140 million to buy borrowing plan to ranking travel.

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