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Earthy packer
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Buy quality to assure hard. From buy link to look, as a result of individual the person that reach privately owned to buy has the pallet appliance such as a car, one steelyard only when buy, cannot have any quality inspection at all, however off grade class, no matter moisture, do not do " 4 minutes " , watch a hand to feel by the eye only and fix a price at random, mix consequently etc mix class, moisture to exceed mark, dry wet jumbly wait for a phenomenon to be being accompanied whole buy a process, cannot assure quality at all; From the point of treatment link, the agreement that the investment of business of the treatment that do not have card of carry city controls in 100 thousand yuan is occupied 50% , invest 200 thousand yuan or so to be occupied about 40% , those who invest 300 thousand yuan of above occupy only 10% , equipment of the lead plane device that its use, form a complete set all the lowermost standard that short of country sets, what the small mill of some families type uses even is earthy packer, examine standard of establishment of instrument, fire control, cotton more have no way is mentioned. The 2nd large area yield cotton faces Shanxi the assist Fen of Fen city, Qu Wo two big advocate county yield cotton, share factory of 38 cotton ginning, among them qualified maintain only 9, also occupy only 24% , do not have buy normally, treatment, examine, bale condition, undertake about the regulation the standard is operated impossibly that by the country the standard is reached. And the large processing factory that system of company of complete province linen-cotton gives priority to form type exclusive with 400 tons of packer, however because of having capital cannot buy, treatment cotton, created investment equipment is unused, unused, cannot produce due effect, formed huge contrast.

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