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Cotton ginning of Xinjiang corps processing factory produces working be all set
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3 autumn advent, cotton ginning of 131 round processing factories produces the job already be all set.

This year, this factory faces the pily market of intense competition, above all from energy-saving fall bad news, add close cut down expense proceed with, firm catchs equipment overhaul.

From May since the middle ten days of a month, this factory moves toward the market actively, oneself look for the boiler below rice, transfer 30 technologies backbone is right cotton gin, pare machine of cloth with soft nap, packer, accessary wait for machine equipment to undertake the overhaul. In the overhaul, adopt " calm person, time, calm machine, decide qualitative, calm cost, calm schedule " wait for measure, implement factory, workshop, team and group method of 3 class sampling observation, economic overhaul funds 2 reach 30 thousand yuan, ensured effectively overhaul quality.

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