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Packer cuts the breakdown case study of the belt not automatically to reach elim
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Analyse from packer principle above all:
The structure of traditional packer by: Noumenon, piece close take system, transmission system, control system
Noumenon: Group of cutting tool group, fluctuation slide, cam, hind fork, before fork
Piece close take a system: Piece receive belt annulus form, on next extension, extension, clutch, bind close adjustment group
Transmission system: Zhang Jin of electric machinery, leather belt, leather belt piece, machine of electromagnetism clutch, decelerate, clutch, gear.
Control a system: Switch, fuse, transformer, odd a machine, clew, micro-gap switch
The machine cuts the breakdown phenomenon of the belt not automatically: Content of the bale in the job is on the machine, take no less than coming, press restoration pushbutton, the machine works normally.
Breakdown analysis: According to breakdown phenomenon character, the problem appears in: Piece close take a system, receive belt annulus group, balancing pole adjustment, bind close adjustment group, micro-gap switch, cut the area is controller, only a machine, bale take bad distribution.

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