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400 tons of packer transform look forward to of our city cotton to already compl

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The our city is countrywide key produces one of cotton divisions, all the year round establish cotton fluctuates 3 million mus. Whole town has pily company many 690, process capability 40 million, 168 when have provincial treatment aptitude among them.
Since 2004, the country pursues reform of system of pily quality inspection, requirement cotton industry adds on 400 tons of packer and establishment of form a complete set. According to the program, to the end of 2009 year, influence time with 5 years, countrywide cotton machines estate control to be covered in 2400, shandong province is covered 400 times, heart state city is covered 88 times. The our city had 3 enterprises to enter system of countrywide cotton check 2004 reform is pilot (the whole nation in all 14) . At present the our city already had thread of 4 worlds' most advanced HVI high capacity cotton fast instrument, there already are 44 to finish equipment of 400 tons of packer to transform in including a program transformed 69 cotton company, the scale that finish is achieved 63.8% . As we have learned, 2007 year whole nation shares 720 cotton industry to attend pily quality fair be careful in one's conduct (among them Xinjiang area and construction large unit 423, occupy 58% ) , the our city has 31 enterprises to attend fair check, in all fair check cotton 58 thousand tons, enterprise number occupies Shandong to save 63 in part, fair check ton number holds complete province 92% 63 thousand tons, cotton pledges check is reformed

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