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The function of the plastic film that pack changes development the trend is clea

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In recent years, technical progress makes the function of the plastic film that pack changes development the trend is clear with each passing day, the plastic packing film of content of high demand, hi-tech is becoming the pillar industry of a lot of enterprises and target of research and development, it is diversiform that its pack a function. Among them block appears a gender the plastic film that pack is one of functional film with the at present rapiddest development.  

1. block appears sexual colophony

Block shows performance is to show to young member gas is like oxygen, lunt, liquid and odour the screen function that wait. Block appears sexual film to basically be used at food and medicine to pack, ensure packing is storing, carriage process middleman and guarantor is sweet protect flavour not to deteriorate, in order to prolong its expiration period and shelf life. Block appears a gender plastic film applies extensively in convenient food, medicines and chemical reagents, cosmetic, tea, flavor, wait for a product pack, because this block shows sexual film,already became the heat that each country develops eagerly.

It is crucial that in block the block in the plastic film that appear a gender appears sexual resinous to use, basically have polyethylene sick at heart (PVA) , ethylene, ethylene mellow copolymer (EVOH) , slant chloric ethylene copolymer (PVDC) , get together 2 formic acid of Nai glycol ester (PEN) , nylon (PA) , get together to benzene glycol of 2 formic acid ester (PET) , sexual colophony is appeared in these block in, PVA, EVOH, PVDC, PEN belongs to tall block to show sexual stuff, the most commonly used is PVDC and EVOH, and the block of PA and PET shows sexual close, the block in belonging to shows sexual stuff.

2. block appears a gender the manufacturing technology of the plastic film that pack

As a result of the element of the limitation of material oneself character or price, average block appears sexual material to be used alone not simply, show sexual demand to block to satisfy different commodity, soft model is packed had produced filmily by original monolayer, to much breed, muti_function of administrative levels compound the film that pack develops, the block that uses most generally at present appears a gender the compound technology of the plastic film that pack has 4 kinds: Do type answer to add up to law, Tu Bu complex law, squeeze a complex law and evaporate plating in all complex law.

3. block appears a gender to detect

As the promotion of industry quality awareness, if more and more filmy production manufacturer are course of study of carry city mold, true flourishing is plastic, big course of study of China model course of study, model of sea look forward to, breed like 3 deer with food drug company course of study, Yi Li breeds hall of course of study, preserve one's health, 9 Zhi hall, neck answer health, Jiangsu pharmacy of 4 annulus, Li Zhu, pluvial benefit provision, waited for an enterprise to increase pair of film to cut off in succession of the gender detect, ensure product quality.

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