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Whole of kiln of bright generation drive " bale " remove
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Archaeology building site as dockyard

Build on the building site that sees kiln location only removed high enclosing wall, gate lock, after obtaining archaeology team to lead approval, reporter just by admit gate. The dweller building that archaeology spot is located in to had been developed dish among, the area has 10000 much square metre about. Mount the earthy slope of accumulation, the reporter was shaken by the landscape place before, this where is archaeology building site, it is clearly " dockyard " . The industrial equipment such as bottle of the armor plate of full ground, I-steel, channel, oxygen and material, ten welder people are busy on steel wearing ceaseless. Introduce according to archaeology team member, they disentombed here 7 many months, "This is two save ancient kiln of very in good condition Ming Dailiu Li, very infrequent, ought to belong to royal drive kiln. " archaeology personnel says, it is all round kiln of these two coloured glaze, still have an a bit a bit smaller pit, its structure is very whole also. But other kiln does not have so good luck, major a remaining igneous bed and wicket, firing chamber and chimney cannot have been found almost.


I-steel binds no risk at all

Archaeology personnel tells a reporter, half an year comes more, they discovered greatly small fraction here ancient kiln of 10 bright generation, in hill all around show irregular sector to distributing. Current, had been cleared to come out for the most part, had finished disentomb arrange, save in good condition ancient kiln to have on the spot to these 3 among them " bale " , complete save. The reporter sees, among them two ancient kiln are close recumbent, workers are in a the biggest to left ancient kiln undertakes soldering " bale " .

Be in charge of this " bale " is an unit that comes from appropriate to promote, the worker says, difficulty is very great, "Scale of this ancient kiln is the largest, about 8.2 meters long, wide have 4.5 meters, 3 meters tall, because be bricky earth structure, meet not carefully all one's previous efforts wasted. " the reporter walks into ancient kiln from the Mu Qiao that builds temporarily, discovery ancient kiln already was bound to solder by fluctuation of channel, I-steel, left and right sides rise, between steel wearing and ancient kiln, the worker uses foamed plastics will interstitial all cram. The reporter bows ancient kiln sees in the aperture that wears from steel, ancient kiln submits calabash form, interior is saved very complete. Bed of the wicket of kiln of this coloured glaze, fire, firing chamber, chimney is all all equipment, its wicket is to use a stone build by laying bricks or stones to become, blue bricks of the chimney inside firing chamber is arranged orderly. The worker says, on the side pit of a coloured glaze is not small also, long have 7 meters, 3.2 meters wide, 2.6 meters tall, already " bale " end. The reporter falls from the plastic cloth that has wrapped, the bottom that sees ancient kiln was to be hit the square aperture with equal span, i-steel is crossed from kiln bottom, insert into again one 1 centimeter of large board, formed strong frame structure, ensure no risk at all. The worker says, this kind " bale " the law is course calculative, ensure ancient kiln won't spallation, but how swing is returned to museum is the work with painful build.
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