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Demand of Chinese mechanical trade and direction of development of the industry
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Concentrated adjusting control policy did not invest a trend to produce too big effect to fixed assets it seems that, degree is inferior to even last year second half of the year. Investment gains 3 quarters that month fast achieve 27. 3 % , accumulative total is maintained first half of the year trend, installation cost is added fast drop, still return the Gao Shuiping at 29 % nevertheless. Cement crop is affected certainly, had gone up in the level of 10 % nevertheless look forward to is firm, industry increases a value to add fast moderate fall after a rise, estate investment is added fast returned 35 % above again. Overall look, end to did not see to the macroscopical data of 3 quarters end too much the evidence that wants concern. The boom of project machinery industry is beyond question. Sale of industry of machinery of project of before 2007 8 months grows 48. 7 % , relatively metaphase still promotes somewhat; Net profit grows 154. 8 % , appear seasonal fall after a rise; Nevertheless, profit margin 7 from last year. 1 % promotes 11. 7 % , still keep range of extremely tall promotion, the fast growth of bibcock enterprise is worth to expect more.

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