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After pily futures appears on the market, to pily treatment quality has very big
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"After pily futures appears on the market, to pily treatment quality has very big promotion effect. " library of pily futures complete a business transaction carries on his shoulder or back company of lustre city linen-cotton carries on his shoulder or back lustre the stationmaster arrowroot found a party that have a change of luck stands expresses, the quality standard of pily futures is national level actually, have certain guiding to the market action. Press the cotton that futures cotton asks to machine, to complete a business transaction the library should have fair check, although fair check was not passed, the price also wants tower above than other and general cotton 200 yuan / or so tons. "At present the country is advocated use 400 model packer, if can strict ask to come according to this management and normative market, the quality that cotton machines is met absolutely a step, virtually eliminates those miniature companies that do not have card. " Zhang Jianzhong says.

Arrowroot found a party expresses, spin industry also is rising ceaselessly to the acknowledge of futures cotton character, "So every 10 come not regular meeting has to raise futures cotton in the client of pick up the goods, but this scale is increasing the near future, there are 3 two in every 10 clients raise futures cotton, although volume of pick up the goods still is not very large, but this kind of trend still is in continuously. But this kind of trend still is in continuously..

Be in library of He lustre complete a business transaction, the Jinan that pick up the goods comes to before the reporter was encountered is big China of spin company purchase chief, he tells a reporter, big China the company is average dosage of every months of cotton is controlled for 400 tons, buy directly from cotton ginning factory partly among them, part from match the market to buy, still have even if purchase futures cotton, "Futures cotton although the price is expensive, but quality is good. But quality is good..

Pily industry shares option market, besides avoid oneself management risk, still make a farmer indirect be benefited. The climax tells a reporter, machining an enterprise to buy the price of seed cotton is to follow commonly row with respect to city, if be to machine futures cotton, OK according to futures dish the sale price that face value fixes lint. If futures price is higher, when purchasing seed cotton, treatment company can add valence to receive cotton to cotton grower.

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