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Chinese cotton machine is reached through 20 old and own innovation introduce a
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Chinese cotton machine is reached through 20 old and own innovation introduce a technology to digest absorb, at present equipment whole technology already was close to a developed country performance of equipment of cotton ginning of congener technology level. Joint-stock cooperation of machine of cotton of its culmination goose and company of American mainland eagle after 400 series packer, make the yield of Chinese packer rises 40 packets by 20 packets, the cotton mechanism that promoted China makes a standard.

In Chinese inland, the seed cotton that did not mature (common calls deadlocked valve cotton) in the seed cotton with easy mature interfuse, if machines certainly will to affect the consistency of lint together, original creation of swan cotton machine designed cotton of deadlocked valve cottonseed to clear machine, clear deadlocked efficiency amounts to 70% above, clear miscellaneous efficiency 70% above, efficiency opening deadlocked 80% above, trinitarian.

Wei Hua says, manufacturing industry of machine of cotton of prospective our country needs to continue to strengthen international technology to cooperate, extend industrial cable length, promote product technology content. Of swan cotton machine and development of cooperation of Swiss USTER company " cotton processes online testing system " already included Chinese country the Ministry of Agriculture " 948 " tackle key problem task. The application that Jenglo of American patent technology is in China, initiated Chinese application packer to wear the beginning of system of silk, agraffe automatically. The polyester of high strenth project that with the United States the company that believe Nuo cooperates is plastic take automatic bale system to will initiate industry beginning more.

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