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Cotton of jade retail sales machines an enterprise to transform the task to be f
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Since 2004, jade retail sales produces layout and current situation of pily treatment company according to cotton, measure ground is opposite 6 cotton such as industry of cotton of abundant of friendly, comfort, Hua An machine supply and marketing of industry of day jade cotton, China peaceful, Hua Haiyin cotton, Hua Haisan the enterprise undertook transforming. Current, these 6 companies are entire according to relevant requirement, finished updating equipment to transform the task, deployed 400 tons model hydraulic pressure packer, system of form code information and cotton ginning and take off the equipment of form a complete set such as cloth with soft nap, year process capability all achieved 5000 tons of above, achieved each requirement that current system and quality inspection system reform national cotton, receive fund of allowance of national loan pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange 250 thousand yuan. The resource conformity through processing a business to having cotton and function promote, the modernization that drove whole town cotton to machine an industry, dimensions is changed and informatization process, laid good foundation to will enhance the competition ability of pily market henceforth.
Origin: Grey Zi of ń of discharge  Gao

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