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6 acceptance ensure new cotton to buy
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The job is bought to be about to enter the crucial period of busy season in new year cotton, hubei saves the leaders of all levels of city of the peach that reach celestial being, lead industry of agricultural industrialization bibcock, hold new cotton of complete 2008 province to open a balance to buy the ceremony that start here, this is various government and enterprise fulfil science to develop view, compose to build socialistic harmony to explore new condition society, actively in the round next good doing " 3 farming " a of the job significant move, reflected various government adequately to take new cotton seriously what buy the work highly, for me the province begins new cotton smoothly to bought the job to offer strong policy to give aid to, built favorable social environment, greatly sturdy the hope that we had made new cotton buy the work and determination.
I am honoured very much today silver-colored abundant of ground delegate Hubei is industrial the group is narrow liability company, also be to represent complete province cotton to buy treatment company at the same time, pay cordial acknowledgment to the leaders of all levels that attends to saved new cotton to open a balance to buy the ceremony that start completely 2008 and guest!
Silver-colored abundant group begins to begin cotton to buy the work in city of celestial being peach from 2003, had had time of 5 years up to now. These year come, no matter encounter how many difficulty and test, silver-colored abundant group is with developing agricultural industrialization oneself, take root country, be improved ceaselessly and innovate, one pace is strong advance, agriculture of press close to, service cotton grower, to build socialism new rural area makes the contribution that gives his. This year, change in province hair appoint wait for a branch support energetically below, silver-colored abundant group invests in town of Tan of the three ten-day periods of the hot season many yuan 1000, built 400 model big packer produces an item, quality of the process capability of the enterprise, production, for farming the function of the service will get bigger promotion.
To pily industry, current cotton management situation nots allow hopeful, in global economy and country the multiple element such as policy of macroscopical adjusting control is the influence falls, pily industry been beening faced with market price case to glide for a long time considerably, price of purchase and sale is hanged apparently wait stern market test a moment, bought the job to appear " be in a dilemma " problem, if open wide,buy, run those who increase pily business the risk undoubtedly; If limitation is bought, cotton grower will appear " it is difficult to sell cotton " . Now, cotton grower friends worked hard the work achievement of large half an year is about to appear on the market in great quantities, whether smoothly sale, selling a good price is the problem that everybody pays close attention to very.
To alleviate the worry of enterprise, cotton grower, deploy of government of province of provincial Party committee new year cotton buys the work, came on stage a few give aid to policy. These are helped up importantly farming the market platform that policy wants to carry Yin Feng group gives fulfil. This shows, government of province of provincial Party committee is serving to enterprise of agricultural industrialization bibcock 3 farming the main effect in the job expressed deep-felt great expectations. Silver-colored abundant group will seize opportunity, arouse vitality, lead industry of complete province cotton, carry out deep fulfil good province government " good about be being done seriously cotton buys the work this year " spirit of special subject conference, with feeling of social sense of responsibility of height, mission, hold high service " 3 farming " banner, widen service " 3 farming " way, grab get right on the job really, the benefit the party farming, help up farming policy, in fulfilling the specific work that cotton is bought and serves solidly.
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