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Full automatic machine of packer, strapping machine, bale
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Equipment name: Full automatic machine of packer, strapping machine, bale
Equipment model: YSKZ-101

Introduce in detail
Apply to the trade paper box such as food, medicine, hardware to bale, paper bales those who wait for all sorts of size goods is automatic bale bundle up.

1, full automatic strapping machine, must not insert artificially belt, work efficiency is tall, labor intensity is low;
2, bale close power is remarkable, trouble is little, maintenance is convenient;
3, packer component all is machined by nicety of machine tool of computer numerical control;
4, bale the movement is downy, durable sex is outstanding, bale the function is perfect;
5, bale the electric machinery after the end stops immediately, province report is economic.

Technical parameter
PP belt: 0.5-1.0mm of width 9-18mm ply
Power: 850W
Power source: 1PH-110V/220V(50/60HZ) 3PH-220V/380V(50/60HZ)
Bale speed: 2.3 seconds / second
Bale dimension: The smallest 100 × 30mm is the biggest 850 × 600mm
Bale strength: The biggest 80kg
Bend wears size: 850 × 600mm
Machine dimension: 600 × of 1412 × tall 820mm of 1540mm machine stage
Weight: 215kg

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