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Packer of guideline of health of life home autumn
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Fall season enrages bright high, inside human body use up begin to decrease. Autumn is a characteristic with dry, people can feel after autumn pharynx does nose dry, the skin is dry, thirsty desire drink. The nutrition that human body uses up in great quantities in summer needs to get complement after autumn. Anyhow, the autumn because the characteristic of its oneself, must make us special note the problem of health care of a few preserve one's health that suits to it. Here, life wife and children is made up for your collect information of various autumn health, roll out series of guideline of health of life home autumn, let you be in this autumn is pleasurable packer!   

Weather was heated up gradually, a lot of because worry to food deteriorates and must begin to order meal,was used to the office worker that takes a meal midday. But many person discovery, the eat box quality that sends eat to use makes a person interrogative; In the meantime, people goes out after have dinner already nurturance " cannot eat to moving round to go " habit, but the one-time eat case that provides in dining-room is not however on the safe side. After all what kind of one-time eat box is just safety? This week undertook packer one time investigate.

True but difficulty of promotion of box of eat of degradation environmental protection is great

Typical case

"Box of environmental protection eat " leak 5 minutes oily

Miss Liu that works in the bank tells a reporter, a few days ago she comes off work come home, see the inn of one wife and children on the side of the village placed hemp hot very hot booth, the business of small shop is very good, 4 pieces of only tables had sat full guest. Allow fry batter in a thin layer then advocate did a hemp to oneself hot very hot bale take away. "But come home to did not need at any time, the polybag that sees the case that install eat is bottom a red oil. " questioningly microscope eat box, still writing on box top " box of environmental protection eat " , ripped eat box to be defeated gently, and hear carefully still can the flavour of a chemical comes to scent. Packer

A variety of snack box quality have not

The much home restaurant that reporter immediately visited the living area such as bridge of dish door battalion, black bamboo, Lu Gu or office building area, discover breed of it may be said of one-time snack box is various, have what be banned to use not only " epispastic eat box " , still have for many times by the box of useless old plastic eat of exposure. And the quality of these snack boxes is more uneven. Packer

Discover 1

Paper eat box but " degradation "

The reporter is located in the family near bridge of white paper lane to enrage above all very the dining room with flourishing, bigger dimensions, the person that repast ends adscript packer prepares to bale take away the rest meal, see the clerk takes two eat case to the reporter only, feeling a sense is paper material, the surface looks some coarse like flax, eat box interior is slick paper surface, have on box top " degradation eat box " model of written characters, the reporter moves close to eat box nose is heard, do not have the odour with pungent what. Through half hours, the reporter discovers oil permeates the bottom of eat box to go up in paper, but eat box as before very endure with all one's might.
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