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Automatic packer safety is used need to know
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Automatic packer uses safety to need to know:

1, use this machine, power source must have the ground contact accord with the requirement, the ground connection on outlet of machine of machine power source inserts a foot cannot purify, may bring about otherwise get an electric shock

2, after machine cover board and right-and-left door are opened, cannot feel machine motion part in order to use a hand

3, the machine cannot be felt after receiving electrify source electric part and electric heat steel piece

4, in mordant ban in the environment that reachs dust with this machine

5, damageable when article bales, notice to adjust bundle up to tighten force please, cannot pass big, leakage fluid, the article of leakage dirt bits cannot be put on the machine to bale directly

6, the ambient conditions that policy uses: Temperature: - 20~50 is spent, lt of relative humidity ※ ; 95 %

7, bale when the operation, do not the head, the hand is extended bale the belt is annular inside the circle, lest be plunged into

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