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Make false nest nod riverside be fizzlinged out industrial and commercial a broo
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Jiang Yuezhong) reporter from Huang Pu industrial and commercial substation learned yesterday, this bureau is small east the door (old on the west the door) industrial and commercial place recently according to a consumer inform against, banned to make carry out sham " 3 add " the shelter feature of card sesame oil, the spot hunts down label of many pieces of 3000 20 kilograms of more than kilograms of 130 sham sesame oil, essence, brand to stick, and the appliance making a holiday such as size can, oil pump, packer.

Industrial and commercial place is received after informing against with " 3 add " business of production of card sesame oil gets in touch, classics appraisal, the sesame oil that consumer indicates fastens sham product truly. Industrial and commercial place takes evidence of replenish onr's stock through be being moved in food oily store, checked the supplier of sesame oil. Classics interrogate, this batch of sesame oil are this supplier covet low-cost, come to promote the money that takes over there personnel from. And promote personnel to keep a piece of calling card only, indication unit address is in south collect an area.

Find out a group to drive go to south collect investigation, but address two years ago already the person goes the building is empty. The telephone number on calling card becomes only clue. Adopt police assistance, execute the law the specific registering address that personnel checks a phone is in a suburb some village. Find out group immediately to be driven toward this village investigation, get the help of cadre of local public security. Final discovered in an old-style short bungalow this sesame oil makes false check point, the spot somebody ticks off add with essence sham sesame oil. Execute the law personnel banned the nest that make a holiday to nod at once.

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