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The treasure of house letting a guard " safe and sound "
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The jade clothes sewn with gold thread of the military forces tomb figure of golden act the role ofing, Qin Dai and inscribed wooden tablet of 99 multiplication table, Chinese generation mixes the Baal bird of later period of the bronze ware of the cup of the jade pig dragon of red hill culture, Gao Bing of chorion black pottery of Yangshao culture, Xia Shangzhou, business T form silkses, 55 museum press down the treasure of the house to assemble in a rich, curiosa of so precious seventy years of age, some already " blow play can defeat " , meet not carefully " suffer badly achieve " , how does that let its carrying, in the exhibition " safe and sound " ?

"Eye " escort in transportation of item on display two hours

Department of professional work of center of communication of Chinese cultural relic exhibits a project to be in charge of Zhao Gu Shan to tell a reporter, they once had carried from Tibet a batch of very precious cultural relic go to Beijing. In attributing whole exhibition as a result of this item on display " eye " item on display (the item on display of the heaviest head) , asked 35 to arm then guard personnel, two patron wagon are protected, and special await the arrival of falls in the winding stair of capital airport. After receiving item on display, by special alarm all the way convoy, in before walk on the line that passes special reconnaissance. Below normal circumstance, leave for China century altar to need right-and-left time one hour only from capital airport, that, because fear cultural relic is safe, speed all the time slower, originally the distance of a hour spent two many hours fully.

Reconnaissance makes technical line

The Gu Shan that occupy Zhao introduces, carry cultural relic from museum, can make carry a plan carefully in detail, send cultural relic of escort in transportation of at least two patron wagon. Before carrying, protect place reconnaissance by article of public security bureau commonly, make technical line, the ability after deciding this course does not have big jolt allows to carry. If be line-haul, must ask special alarm escort in transportation.

When carrying item on display, can ask technical content very tall, experience is very rich brittle taste professional transport company to undertake carrying, professional can be examined carefully, visit exhibit which place can get power. Car of escort in transportation must choose the truck that has wet function of constant temperature, constant, and be in the car install air cushion. Can carring capacity 10 tons lorry, after installing air cushion, loading capacity has original in part only probably.

Occupy a rich relevant controller introduces, the car that ships cultural relic can enter 10 tons of elevator directly. After coming to underground, the first safe col identifies a system of dactylogram namely, the most advanced on eye preexistence bound 3 prevent the door. This 3 prevent and kill off guard against theft, waterproof it is the 2nd big function that engineers design for this underground gate, once the storeroom of subterranean cultural relic of museum drinks water, consequence is unimaginable.
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