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How the work efficiency of packer
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Company of machinery of domestic Shandong linen-cotton and machine of Han Dan cotton two enterprises are recommending limited company American machine collects cotton to clear on the foundation that processing technique equips, develop the aircraft that developed each characteristic to collect cotton to clear respectively treatment craft and equipment. Taking one with another, engineering technology level all reachs the level at the beginning of 90 time of American, but the dependability of equipment and sex of form a complete set still are put in difference, remain to be perfected at continueing, rise. End by 2006, already had machine of linen-cotton of many 50 Shandong the machine of limited company selects company and engine of Han Dan cotton cotton clears treatment facilities is in field whole set or partial form a complete set use the establish cotton group of corps.
The aircraft that company of Shandong linen-cotton machinery develops collects cotton to clear treatment craft can distribute old system: Seed cotton drying, clear system, cotton ginning, lint clears cotton of system, collect, bale system, productivity of hour of whole set of equipment 7 ~ 10 tons. Equipment of form a complete set is: (by technological process order) connect → of atmosphere a powerful person to weigh miscellaneous segregator 3 roller of → segregator → store seed cotton of inclined of bend of → of tower of drying of cotton box → clears machine → shuts air-valve → to carry only type seed cotton to clear machine → shuts inclined of bend of → of tower of air-valve → drying.
In craft, designed artificial convention to collect cotton, artificial collect cotton quickly to clear treatment craft, through adjusting pipeline the position of board of a powerful person, can come true to clear differently treatment technological process.
The aircraft that limited company develops aircraft of Han Dan cotton collects cotton to clear the technology that machines craft and Shandong factory is basic and same. Different point basically is the system is carried to go up in seed cotton, han Dan factory added cotton model to be fed automatically suck seed cotton to feed two suit buy compatibly, enrage among them suck seed cotton feeding unit and groovy hand to pick cotton the artificial plant that feed cotton is basic and same. Cotton model is automatic feeding unit must receive seed cotton keep in storage, facility for transporting to be covered suitably with field machine, at present our country has not develop this one device, the machine that already built collects cotton to clear the processing factory still relies on gas completely to suck feed (artificial) device feeds seed cotton.
On equipment type selecting, shandong factory is relied on for the technology with the equipment of company of American mainland eagle, seed cotton clears in stoving system, used device of drying of type of two class tower, added one class to carry only type seed cotton to clear machine (but bypass) , the 2 class of seed cotton clear concussion type seed cotton was used to clear in craft machine, other equipment and Han Dan plant are same.
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