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Hundreds emulation gun by destroy by melting or burning
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As the actuate of hydraulic pressure packer, the emulation handgun of a dense mass of, musket, machine gun is marred instantly below the weigh in 30 tons. A few days ago, shenzhen custom makes the same score a lake in limited company of Long Gang renewable resources the 3rd reclaim station destroy by melting or burning cutting tool of more than 100 600 emulation guns, control.

As we have learned, in recent years, suffer the effect such as field operations game, home emulates a gun to consume the market to expand ceaselessly, smuggling element nots hesitate for obtain sudden huge profits risk danger in desperation. According to statistic, only this year in June, in July, shenzhen custom hunts down smuggling to emulate a gun 77, air gun 8, ball bearing, plastic bullet a batch, smuggling means binds Tibet to give priority to with person.

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