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Packer technology of every packets of sampling
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3. clears the technical issue that treatment respect is badly in need of solving
(1) seed cotton gathers up the battlements, machinery that feed cotton
Machine receive seed cotton to use cotton to feel equipment of lay aside motion, can reduce seed cotton field to take up the area is mixed improve carriage efficiency, front of pily processing factory feeds cotton plant to need to undertake improvement. Use seed cotton to gather up the battlements, uniformity that feeds cotton machinery to be able to raise seed cotton to be fed, improve the productivity that machines equipment, make sure lint machines quality. Requirement equipment satisfies the design productivity of product line basically, have a certain miscellaneous capacity.
(2) development development seed cotton adds wet system
Inland cotton division is divided in Xinjiang ministry, drying of seed cotton classics, after clearing, seed cotton moisture content is too low, pay the Yi Ying after make friends index of noisy lint grade. Undertake adding to seed cotton stock before paying press hard against each other wet can make seed cotton moisture restores to come 8% the left and right sides, can assure quality of make friends labour. Requirement equipment is had detect automatically, control, attune is energy-saving force, equipment runs economy, reliable, safety.
(3) development development lint adds wet equipment
Lint is added wet the work efficiency that can improve packer, raise a bag to weigh 8 kilogram the left and right sides, reduce the material that pack, improve carriage efficiency, lint is added wet hind, can reduce a bag to be weighed fortunately, carry to the Sunday run of Xinjiang cotton have important sense.
Lint adds wet equipment to ask to have detect automatically, control, attune is energy-saving force, equipment runs economy, reliable, safety.
(4) packer technology of every packets of sampling
Detect as cotton of the technology rise and gain ground and the need that pily market trades, every packets of sampling already made progress trend and must.
(5) lint quality detects technology
Machine the benefit that collects the stand or fall of cotton lint quality to matter to a farm directly, also be machine the technology that pick cotton popularizes the job whether the key that has going down. Testing system of quality of American HVI cotton detects in international cotton the impact in organizing an activity with commerce is very big, already made current quality level. Its technology standard, detect method and instrument with machine collect cotton to be design basis, and adversary picks cotton to detect have compatibility. Current, although used HVI system to detect,our country machine adopts standard of cotton lint quality project and method, but still be in probation, detect of the project classification the setting still needs to be perfected in the round. As machine the ceaseless development that promotion of the technology that pick cotton works and expand, this job must intensify undertaking.
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