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Publish key of administrative system, packer to order administrative system
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New cotton plucks the job is about to begin. Xinjiang production builds corps farming processing factory of total field of division of 3 division gal prepares ahead of schedule, end at present, all things has only poor east wind.

This factory works equipment overhaul to be caught as the key of current job, put safe work in the first place. Since June, the processing factory begins to begin equipment to overhaul the job. Overhaul personnel disassembles in order in workshop insecurity everyday cotton machines equipment, to entire plant all cotton machine equipment to undertake overhauling maintaining. In the meantime, to equipment the overhaul is executed with machine calm person, overhauls what who is in charge of to be responsible for a task unit until it is completed system of job responsibility. In overhauling a process, repair and utilize old or discarded things, energy-saving fall bad news is perforative from beginning to end, come true for effort " energy-saving, fall bad news, high grade, efficient " the target lays solid foundation.

Came 18 days on August 16, processing factory of gal division total field organized entire factory worker actively to undertake study systematically to safe knowledge. Publish key of administrative system, packer to nod key of administrative system, cotton gin in the system while spot of dot management system, team and group manages method to wait for regulations system, firm safe consciousness is established in paying attention to on-the-job labour heart. They invited concerned department clerk to explain in detail for the worker " fire service law " , " fire control beforehand case " , " safety management system " wait for legal laws and regulations. Pass constituent study, in worker heart the tree had a firm safe defense line. In addition, still returned a setting to make safe caution card, safe label, safe billboard inside plant area, and ground cordon new also trace in black ink over characters printed in red.

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