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Farming total field of division of 3 division gal strengthens school of culture
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Recently, xinjiang production builds corps farming total field of division of 3 division gal calls together Internet bar of area under administration to manage owner farming the regulation undertakes study related market of culture of city of gram of easy of wood of 3 division graph, signed book of civilized and abide by the law management responsibility.

That day, politics labour runs an organization they learned " the announcement that division city strengthens culture market about farther standard " and " division party does culture market control to implement measure " , manage the item that declares attention of condition, management duty, need to wait with respect to culture undertook explaining in detail.

Zhang Jiang of chairman of armed ministry minister, union imprints the international country condition with current union, labor market of total field culture is managed in the state. He says, pass assault inspection a few times, discover the Internet bar manages existence many problems, at the same time parent of student of examination each unit gets online to minor first half of the year report is strong, the society that creates to because minor gets online,avoid is undesirable influence, should prohibit as Internet bar operator minor is entered inside, undertake be registeringed in detail to other online personnel, according to the country relevant law laws and regulations handles affairs, understand a Party committee and the job of concerned branch, go up from fountainhead good close, civilization is in business, lay money compatibly.

Deputy politics appoint, discipline appoint clerical Sun Baoshan says, at present drugs, Internet bar, mobile phone, batteries already made a society 4 great harms, many causes because of getting online cases in real life, this is hematic lesson. For the safety of oneself and social stability, operator should grow for the health of minor build a kind of good atmosphere, the study result that does not affect them and grow, want to value oneself reputation.

School of gal division total field leads contest to hire mount guard

Easy of wood of plan of corps news network is overcome on August 28 report (Wang Hua poplar founds a state) " if I enter into an election contest,go up dean, I can adjust existing education pattern, insist to should try education and couple of quality education photograph, advance ' bilingual ' education process... " , " if my contest is hired,go up logistics director, according to student body demand, tie-in nutrition eat... " contest hires spot atmosphere active, the person that contest is hired each bellyful combs and arrange silk threads-attend to state affairs, exert killer mace. This is the author built corps farming in Xinjiang levy recently school of total field of division of 3 division gal leads contest to hire spot place to be experienced.

According to introducing, to advance " bilingual " education process, truly syncretic of school of implementation civilian, Sinology, farming bureau of 3 division education is in school of gal division total field, 44 round schools pilot, establish a team afresh severally, a forces, consolidate management, right new established leading group member executes contest to hire mount guard. The publicity that hires to assure contest, just, fair sex, contest hires a farming of brief of a case bureau of 3 division education is drafted, send barley of wheat of Er of exert of deputy director general to carry whole journey of a 5 people to participate in, supervise, function branch cooperates with all one's strength related gal division total field. Contest is made public to hire personnel requirement, post first before contest is hired, adopt individual offer one's services, masses to recommend next, the organization guards a pass, popular wishes evaluation, later, hire post according to asking to decide 12 contest hire 6 personnel, contest, carry out a speech to its, rejoin, discuss integratedly according to the commissioner finally, enter into an election contest certainly the personnel that go up and post, fair show accept a society to supervise.
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