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Home sticks sign chance to develop a space tremendous packer

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China sticks sign chance to be in in last few years time pushs majority abroad product went abroad " the door " . The development rate of package machine course of study also was driven while market of our country beverage, milkings, beer gets great progress. The demand of the machine that stick label the ceaseless promotion as crop of beer, beverage, also rising ceaselessly.
Basically use at all sorts of cylindrical go up with a variety of appearance container stickup label of not dry glue, this function is finished automatically send bottle, belt sending label, synchronism detached label, the lot number that print, stick mark and pressure boil wait for whole process, deserve to have bid of the don't bother to see me out that do not have bottle, do not stick mark and do not have mark or break the belt is automatic stop the complete set protector of machine. Those who assure working process is perfect, it is the modern product of an organic whole of a kind of Electromechanical, apply to extensively food, pharmacy, chemical industry, light industrial wait for an industry. Apply to 75mm of label scroll internal diameter, external diameter 300mm.

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