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Semi-automatic flotsam packer
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Product model: KHM-120/150
Product name: Semi-automatic flotsam packer

1, the system of hydraulic pressure return of tall efficiency, low noise, motivation controls the discharge that help riverside to save the sources of energy.
2, disperse distinctly model scissors design, promoted the efficiency that cut paper, save the sources of energy, prolong mechanical life.
3, push dish with advocate piston lever is used rotate type join design, the torque that can eliminate action to go up at main shaft, prolong oil seal life greatly.
4, use human nature to change operation face dish, the operation is simple and easy and security is advantageous.
5, installation is simple and easy, need not defence works of special field foundation plinth.

Project KHM-120 KHM-150
Electric machinery 30HP 40HP
Bale dimension W1000mm*H1100mm*L1500mm W1200mm*H1100mm*L1800mm
Bale density 400~450(FOR O.C.C) 450~500(FOR O.C.C)
Advocate ¢ of 200 of ¢ of oil cylinder internal diameter 220
L1200*W950 L1200*W1150 of size of feed inlet
Bale the line counts 5 5
Air cooling of cooling means wind is cold
Mechanical weight makes an appointment with 11 tons about 9 tons

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