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Packer of flotsam of automatic environmental protection
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Product model: KHM-50(NEW)
Product name: Packer of flotsam of automatic environmental protection

1, the system of hydraulic pressure return of tall efficiency, low noise, use the composition of oil pressure fittings that imports by the United States entirely, make overall function stability, without shake. Prolonged the service life of the fittings such as oil seal greatly.
2, disperse distinctly model scissors design, promoted the efficiency that cut paper, save the sources of energy, prolong mechanical life.
3, tie rate of buy of traditional thread binding automatically fast, the structure is simple, fault rate is low and easily cleanness maintains.
4, length giving a package but free set, the notes gives packet of value accurate. Capability of conveyer belt carring capacity is high, carry an amount big, and have prevent slide function.
5, installation is simple and easy, need not defence works of special field foundation plinth.
6, the baling that applies to inattentive content, be like waste paper, abandon plastic, abandon fiber, straw, wheat straw.

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