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Exhibition of international stainless steel
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China (Guangzhou) exhibition of international stainless steel

Stainless steel raw material and raw material machine equipment:
Nickel, chromic, molybdenum, do not become rusty useless steel
Packer, cut machine, press a machine to wait
Stainless steel produces technology, equipment, auxiliary material and stainless steel product:
Stainless steel smelt, cast, rolling, anneal, pickling, finishing, level off
Control of manufacturing process automation, detect technology and instrument appearance
Stainless steel produces auxiliary equipment and machine parts or tools kept in reserve, spare parts
All sorts of stainless steel material package data
Material of material of all sorts of stainless steel plank, canal, great ability, profile, wire, silk
Stainless steel deep processing technique, equipment reachs stainless steel goods:
Cut, punch, solder, the surface is machined (chromatic, corrode, polishing, press a flower)
All sorts of moulds, conduit, valve, flange dish, join, cover of weather strip, protection
Tableware, hutch defends a replacement of equipment of goods of implemental, adornment, chemical industry, car to wait

Ginseng extend a program
One, exhibit a cost standard
Extend a kind 9 square metre (3m × 3m) 12 square metre (3m × 4m) 15 square metre (3m × 5m) smooth ground (square metre)
The price 8000 yuan 10700 yuan 13300 yuan 800 yuan

2, the standard exhibits stage establishment configuration
Exhibit an area lintel board exhibits wall carpet to consult a table () campstool () fluorescent lamp (small cup) power source electrical outlet wastebasket
1 2 2 1 1 of 9 √ of √ of square metre √
1 3 2 1 1 of 12 √ of √ of square metre √
1 4 3 1 1 of 15 √ of √ of square metre √

3, ginseng exhibit sign up reach pay fee
1. The firm that preparative ginseng exhibits should write in detail above all " ginseng extend application form " (contract book) , , after sign by unit chief and building official seal, fax or mail to exhibit can undertake unit:
China International commerce promotes branch of committee metallurgy industry
Address: Beijing east 4 on the west ave 46
Postcode: 100711
Phone: 010-84062410
Fax: 010-84062429
Contact: Mr Liu Zijian 13520784849
2.Join after exhibiting an unit to sign up formally, can will exhibit a cost sum 20% as deposit, the others of 80% exhibit a cost to should be in extend before can kicking off 3 months (before December 2) collect sponsor unit account. A cost sum will be exhibited after also can signing up paid. Sponsor an unit to receive after exhibit a cost or exhibiting a cost deposit, mean ginseng exhibit an unit to sign up formal go into effect. Afore-mentioned money assemble account please:
Door renown: Trade of section of benefit of Beijing gold gain limited company
Open an account row: A small local branch of well of government office of king of branch of Beijing of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China does business room
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