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Purchased machine of cut of a treatment and a packer, to useless steel, useless
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Report from our correspondent in recent years, jiangxi province is big emphasis of company of supply and marketing of more than county strengthens renewable resources to reclaim use network construction, close company of supply and marketing to buy salesroom to be base point with the plum, adopt " share collaboration is made " form, established big more than county is shown brightness renewable resources reclaims use Inc. . They are bibcock with this company, with big villages and towns town of street country fairdyke attachs most importance to a dot, in entire county 11 villages and towns established 21 renewable resources to reclaim chain manages a site, develop from personnel of course of study 100 more than person, form renewable resources of country of county, country to reclaim chain manages a network.

This company to entire county the renewable resources of 11 villages and towns buys a site to have new position, hold a key, accomplish buy management network position to enclothe every villages and towns, the key has caught the big villages and towns such as new city, Chi Jiang, Qing Long, Na Anzhen to buy the position of the site. It is to basic level supply and marketing the company is distributed formerly establish 10 many buy a site, new conformity is transformed, undertake to fascia " redesign, unified make, unified label " ; 2 it is associated cooperation, build a network in all, associated off-duty workers and social SOHO buy a site, sign join in agreement, build chain to manage in all buy a network, sufficient play buys the group dominant position of the network, reclaim renewable resources use this " cake " do do greatly strong, urban and rural linkage, build a network in all.

In addition, this company still purchased machine of cut of a treatment and a packer, to useless steel, useless copper, scrap iron, execute by chain site " buy dispersedly " , company " concentration is machined, bale, unified sale " . Reclaiming side of product of renewable resources dominant, the company was captured closely big the geographical ambient conditions of seat of more than big mine, organize car personnel, hit out actively, hill call at sb's house is bought on, change attitude of attending to guests, improve service quality, improve working style, changed the past thoroughly the sort of " wait for windfalls, sit inn is bought " traditional management pattern. The company reclaimed 2007, treatment useless steel, scrap iron is close 100 tons, promote greatly raised renewable resources to reclaim the service advantage that exploit.

Renewable resources reclaims the form that uses chain to serve a network is built with development, make the tradition of company of supply and marketing advocate business Wu got development further with mining, cultivated the image of company of supply and marketing again, promote and optimized big the green zoology environmental protection of more than county. (

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