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Packer spins a city gently Tian Qing clinched a deal to rebound considerably on

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Business company on September 28 dispatch 27 days, before National Day grows a holiday 2 days, it is good that China spins city weather gently pass in and out of advantageous person goods, door client has again on groovy market pick up, of all kinds cloth is inputted in succession, assembly hands in a quantity to pick up considerably. Packer

Packer comes all day long, groovy market is common still in the morning edge add is delicate, but grow in quantity of ab extra phone, urge goods to see somewhat more. Adjacent midday, of all kinds cloth begins the market to be inputted on four sides. Advocate kinds of big breed: Cloth of tracery of filament tatting Fdy, Dty art " printing curtain cloth " , " cloth of jacquard weave curtain " , " embroider curtain cloth " wait, attendant merchandise on hand begins to move annul, batch of acting orders placed by the state with private enterprises for processing materials or supplying manufactured goods has again confluent, come-and-go of client of ab extra far and near increases frequency, come round to receive money or order goods over go up day, clinch a deal plus complemental sex part, market assembly hands in of all kinds tatting length fine to act the role of with cloth relatively on day picks up considerably; And filament knitting Fdy, Dty kind act the role of with cloth, merchandise on hand is inputted extensively continuously, "Double-faced cloth with soft nap " , " bosseyed cloth with soft nap " , " the cloth with soft nap that brush hair " , integral money is larger the face soars, clinch a deal bale size holds concurrently. Packer

Packer but tatting snow is spun that day, the thin cloth that the long minute Fdy such as cloth of cloth with soft nap of Zun Ze, bath, jacquard weave gives priority to, packer Chun Ya spins cotton of glue of the coating cloth that give priority to, compound cloth, gush, sew with long stitches to seam cotton to wait, breed of input of merchandise on hand is not much, although clinch a deal group by group extensive, but assembly joins litre of force finite.

27 days, goods of cloth of fine of accident of packer other majority is added, clinch a deal send each to have increase, assembly hands in a quantity to be given priority to in order to rise. This day, in be being visited via the author, understand, because incur loss through delay of rain of yesterday the world sends a share,divide, the new business that money wants before the main premise that it is a holiday and business of the rest of market early days. Predict 28 days to want money ahead of schedule inside course of study still relatively broad extensive, assembly hands in a quantity to will exceed yesterday sales volume packer.

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