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Enteromorpha baler running sluggish eight hours before the first day of play e
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Enteromorpha face of the raging force, Qingdao City, the departments have to do the corresponding "hit Hu" ready. 30 Gap Square at eight, because seagrass material, manpower and other related factors with the first day of operation Enteromorpha balers compress eight hours before the box. 30, 8:30 am, eight were salvaged Gap Square Enteromorpha piled up a hill, some have been white, and emitting a pungent stench. Originally expected to start at 8 E. prolifera packer no operation, the staff also debugging machine, attracted many curious people to gather around. Around 9 o'clock, finally started to work up baler can be ten minutes later, they suddenly stopped the conveyer belt, the technical staff debugging, moving up a few minutes later. Soon, belts again stuck. Close to 10 points, packer really into the work. During compression, due to too much pressure, is compressed in Enteromorpha from time to time out from the gap of the machine emitted, to the dirty water flowing out of the machine outside. Out of each box, will spend a good few workers holding brooms, sticks and other simple tools to clean up large areas of obstruction within the baler Enteromorpha. "Light tie wire would have to use half an hour, like a modern machine, so many people around the turn, really overkill." Side of the surrounding gold uncle said. Mr Lee, said an aunt, "such a big machine to make a package had to 1 hour, and if as large as 2008 Enteromorpha come to such efficiency point of view, not death, ah." 6 pm, the reporter left the eight Gap Square, Enteromorpha eight square baler was playing out. In this regard, the relevant technical staff to explain, as there are so wet just pull prolifera, the weight of one square meter for up to two hundred and sixty tons, and use three hydraulic pump to drive the machine, ten tons of water non-stop cycle, work a lot of pressure.
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