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Packer is not difficult to deal
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Share success, to get the business more successful; see the experiences of others, the success of the shortcut! HC Machinery deals during the first-to-date! Current Case: Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Jiangyin Zhong Ping Supplier's comments: The company operating hydraulic metal baler scrap metal shearing machine briquetting machine. In this way the network to promote the company attaches great importance to mission attended. HC wants to use this platform to continue its efforts to better play to their strengths, and create greater benefits for the company. Company Description: With the rapid expansion of market operations, the original size of the company can not meet growing market demand for the expansion of production scale, the conversion operation mechanism, expand market channels and enhance its own power, the company New Technology Co., Ltd. Jiangyin Zhong Ping . According to ISO9001: 2000 quality management system for the construction of standard factory buildings. To adapt to the current business development needs. Jiangyin Zhong Ping Technology Co., Ltd. is producing all kinds of scrap metal processing equipment and backbone enterprises of all kinds of hydraulic equipment, strong technical force, advanced production equipment, detection means complete. Professional production of Q43 series of metal shearing machine, Y81 series hydraulic metal baler, Y82 series non-metallic packer, Y63 Series municipal waste compressors, Y83 series metal scrap and machine ... ...

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